Bronzes Museum Contact Practical Informations Links Biography Paintings Romantic Figuration Surrealism Romantic Surrealism New Surrealistic Figuration HomeFrançois Boucheix in a few lines In 1962, François Boucheix decided his surrealism would be a surrealism of dreams and happiness. François Boucheix's dense and rich production justifies, throughout the years, the multiple exhibitions which bring him all over the world as well as the numerous distinctions and favours which reward and honour his worldwide-recognized talent. François Boucheix's works are part of several collections throughout the world, which is a proof of his poetic and fairy surrealism. Learn more ... > FRANCOIS BOUCHEIX VIDEO Visit of the François Boucheix Museum with the artist
Invitation to happiness FRANÇOIS BOUCHEIX'S SURREALIST MUSEUM's website offers you a stroll through the canvas and bronzes made by an artist from the Auvergne, well-known for his artwork all over the world. The works prensented here cover more than fifty years of François Boucheix's career. "Dream and light", to which you have to add happiness, are the guiding lines of works which won't stop surprising us. Far from André Breton's 'sad' surrealism, François Boucheix's works are radiant with joy. In François Boucheix's imaginary world, horses, cocks, birds are all musicians, windows are open, cherries are music notes… Sweet dream ! To be invited at private sales or any event about François Boucheix give us your email here
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