Bernard Boucheix
At the heart of one of France's most beautiful cities, with its prestigious architecture, in this 'little Paris in the country', François Boucheix's Surrealistic Museum welcomes you in a Napoléon III-styled building, remarkably situated in one of the most shopping streets in Vichy, near the parks, the Congress Hall, the Opera, the palace hotels, the sources and thermal baths… It's a five-minute walk from the racecourse, the golf course, or the lake. A cultural must-see discovering a worldwide-renowed artist from the Auvergne. Enter the surrealistc world where Dream and Light rule supreme.
What you will discover Throughout its vast halls, the museum offers you a pathway through François Boucheix's works. 350 canvas from the painter's different eras 50 bronzes Paintings that speak with the painter's voice Surrealistic installations A film relating François Boucheix's career The Store, with 200 prints and lithographers in limited edition
At the heart Vichy
François Boucheix's Surrealistic Museum From the Music Hall to the Museum Designed by the architect Antoine Percilly, 'the Alhambra', a neo-Moorish-styled building, was for a long time the mecca of Music Hall in Vichy. Today's museum still keeps numerous ornemental elements from the original architecture. Dream and Light Back in 2006, François Boucheix, looking for a place to create his surrealistic museum, fell in love with this superb building, 7, Rue Sornin. The building work lasted for a year, and in 2007 the museum opened its gates to the public. The succes of this museum, where Dream and Light rule supreme, hasn't altered since. Many are those who, having visited it, come back to it to, after their own words, 'fill [themselves] with happiness and forget about life's misfortunes'. Open from April to October, the museum welcomes its visitors from 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm, everyday but Mondays. To be invited at private sales or any event about François Boucheix give us your email here
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